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Nearly one in four Americans says it’s OK to defraud insurers. Does this make insurance fraud an acceptable action? If you maintain an insurance policy (home, auto, life, or health), a portion of your annual premiums are paid to cover the costs of fraud committed by others. READ MORE >>

After a long, cold winter in the Midwest, warmer weather is finally here! Summertime allows us to enjoy a lot of fun outdoor activities (swimming, biking, boating, etc.), as well as some activities that might be considered less enjoyable (mowing, pulling weeds, etc.). READ MORE >>

What is ergonomics? Ergonomics is fitting a job’s processes to the person. It helps lessen muscle fatigue, increases productivity, and reduces the number and severity of work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) workers compensation claims. Some examples of MSDs are carpal tunnel, tendinitis, muscle strains, and back injuries. READ MORE >>

Almost 60 percent of consumers who purchased insurance through a direct insurer (promising lower prices) 10 years ago or more said they switched back to an independent insurance agent, according to a 2013 study conducted by InsightExpress, an independent marketing research firm.   Why? They wanted: READ MORE >>

For most of us this year, it seems that we have been pretty spoiled with having nice weather. The temperatures have been fairly mild, and the amount of snow, even in the Chicago, Illinois, area, has been at a minimum. But let’s not be fooled—winter is still here and the weather can change at a moment’s notice. READ MORE >>

In recent years, there has been a national increase in discussion regarding the dangers of distracted driving. One of the benefits of that awareness can be observed here in Illinois where there has been successful legislation passed to update the laws relating to cell phone usage behind the wheel. READ MORE >>

During the wintertime in the Midwest, the weather can be frightening, especially while driving. Motorists should know to be cautious while driving in adverse conditions. Here are a few tips showing how to safely drive on snow- and ice-covered roads. Accelerate and decelerate slowly. READ MORE >>

Here is an easy habit that may help reduce hypertension, more commonly known as high blood pressure: start monitoring it at home. It’s easy, inexpensive, and scientifically proven. “Blood pressure has to be measured regularly at home, not just once in a while at the doctor’s office; that’s not enough to tell if medication is working or not,” says Dr. READ MORE >>

Slips and falls are a loss trend we consistently see with our commercial accounts. These claims are from both frequency and severity of injuries. A few controls can certainly help a business owner minimize exposures. The priority safety controls for slips and falls in winter should be: READ MORE >>

With the recent storms, we should be reminded to have winter emergency kits for our vehicles. Below are a few ideas and tips for making and storing an emergency kit for your vehicle. Suggested Emergency Kit Items Plastic storage bin with lid that would be small enough to fit in your trunk Small shovel READ MORE >>

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